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Fort Worth, Texas comes with heat, humidity, and a unique group of hair stylists. Parlor E11even is a modern hair salon with a skilled team of stylists. It is made up of seven beauty gurus that keep clients feeling fresh and beautiful daily. Michelle Dollar is the owner of this unique salon, and, with over a decade in the beauty industry, she’s always had big goals for her business.

“Although, I didn’t always know I wanted to be a professional Cosmetologist, following my passion led me happily to my purpose and my profession.”
-Michelle, Owner

Parlor E11even is also home to Pretty on Premises which is an on-demand hair and makeup team that does over 260 events a year with a focus on weddings. They have won awards and greatly impacted their community as a trusted professional beauty source. “I specialize in formal styling and am an educator for Hotheads hair extensions. I also enjoy customized coloring services. My hobby for hair, makeup, and fashion began when I was a child!” says Michelle.

Products pictured: Echo Styling Chair, Collins 68″ Zada LED Mirror, & Bali Tall Styling Station
Photos: Yellow Umbrella Imaging

“I love making people feel special about themselves and building confidence and getting to know them on a personal level while growing a relationship.”
-Michelle, Owner

Product pictured: Eclipse Backwash Unit
Photos: Yellow Umbrella Imaging

Parlor E11even opened in 2018 as a five-chair salon space with big dreams of expanding. On February 26th, 2024 this dream came true as they moved to a fresh new space with ten chairs ready to take on new clients in their spacious salon.

Michelle’s biggest piece of advice for others looking to open a salon…

“Find a team that you can treat like family – you’ll be spending a lot of time with one another!”

Buy-Rite Beauty places high importance on building community and supporting salon owners throughout their journey. We are proud of this salon as Michelle spreads her wings and starts her journey in a new space. Thank you for your business Parlor E11even/Pretty On Premises! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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