Salon, Spa, & Barber Equipment: Assembly & Installation Guide

May 16, 2023 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Opening a new salon or spa is a dream come true for many in the beauty industry! Start with hard work, dedication, proper planning, detailed organization/coordination, and, of course, modern, high-quality salon equipment and furniture, and turn that dream into a reality. Once you are closing in on some decisions about equipment, you may find the following information compiled by our Buy-Rite Beauty experts quite helpful in regard to the various aspects to think about in preparation for product assembly and installation.

Plan the Layout

That saying “measure twice, cut once” applies during the initial planning and preparation phase. The layout is one of the most vital components of pre-planning! Once you have secured your salon space, or even if you are working on a remodel, make sure you have a floor plan to follow and you know where all your furniture will be positioned. You’ll want to measure the space, and then measure the dimensions of the items you are considering assuring a good fit. Consider the natural “traffic flow” in the space to make sure your furniture won’t impede upon it and leave plenty of “elbow” room for both your clients and your staff. Your ability to provide relaxing salon or spa services may suffer if your space is too crowded with ill-fitting equipment. So, at the risk of being repetitive, make sure you measure your space carefully, and you know the exact dimensions of the equipment before making final decisions.

Buy-Rite Beauty Salon Equipment planning

Who & What

Prior to the arrival of your new furniture and equipment, it is wise to prepare in advance. Consider all the different individuals you will need to coordinate with for assistance, as well as the tools that may be necessary for uncrating and installation. When it comes to hiring contractors, it is advisable to opt for licensed professionals in plumbing, electrical work, and general contracting. Additionally, keep in mind that freight deliveries typically involve sizable items that are custom-crated and affixed to wooden shipping pallets. Thus, it is essential to have appropriate tools such as electric screwdrivers to ensure the safe unboxing of your order. More detailed advice on hiring contractors will be provided later in this guide.

Always Use Licensed Professionals

It is highly recommended that you engage the services of licensed plumbers, electricians, and reputable contractors to ensure the safe and accurate installation of your equipment. Not only can these professionals provide the necessary receipts and documentation for any future warranty claims, but many equipment manufacturers mandate the use of licensed professionals. Failure to use licensed professionals may invalidate your warranty coverage, resulting in higher repair or replacement costs for your business in the future. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution and work with licensed professionals for your equipment installation needs.

Smooth Unpacking & Time Management

Once you have an estimated delivery date, it is crucial to coordinate with all relevant parties to ensure a smooth and successful assembly and unpacking process. This entails taking a proactive approach and being fully aware of the contents of your delivery. How many pallets and boxes should you expect to receive, and what is the anticipated weight of the items you purchased? Will you require additional staff to assist with unloading and unpacking the order from the curbside to your space? It is also worth considering how you plan to dispose of the shipping materials, large boxes, or old equipment that you may be replacing with new products.

If you have questions about your intended Buy-Rite shipment and delivery, check out Shipping & Delivery Guide here.

Another practical insider tip is to consider the timing of the installation and assembly process. Can your existing salon remain open during this period, or would it be more convenient to close for a few days to ensure a safe and efficient setup before resuming client services? Additionally, it is important to think about security measures once your shipment has been assembled and is awaiting installation. Are the location and equipment secure as is, or do you need to take additional measures to ensure their safety?

Guide to Salon Equipment Deliveries

Understanding Instructions

We strongly advise that you read and adhere to the assembly instructions provided with your equipment. The ultimate objective is to ensure that you assemble the products correctly and safely on the first attempt, enabling you to promptly serve your clients and resume your business operations. It may be beneficial to involve relevant parties such as your staff, landlords, or studio personnel in the instruction process, or alternatively, provide them with copies of the manuals or other instructional materials.

Test & Trial Runs

When planning out your timeline, incorporate some time for testing the new equipment. A proverbial “dry run” will be the most effective way to be ready to receive clients on opening day, and to avoid stress due to equipment hiccups during actual business hours. Grab one of your staff members (or a friend or family member) and go ahead and give them a pedicure treatment using the brand-new pedicure spa chair you’ve installed to familiarize yourself with all of the functions and settings. Perform a shampoo service in the new backwash system just to be sure everything is hooked up properly, and there are no leaks or other technical issues. Make sure any new dryers or steamers are reaching the correct temperatures for maximum client comfort. Test salon hydraulic chairs to confirm they pump up and down with ease, swivel smoothly, and that footrests or neck rests have been installed correctly. Ironing out these small details will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

Buy-Rite Beauty Salon Equipment

Training the Staff

Once all your new equipment and furniture are assembled and installed, training your staff well should be your next priority. Keeping up with new and modern technology, and your staff being well-versed on all the equipment in your salon or spa will help you stay competitive and keep up with industry trends. Make sure basic operating procedures are explained, and touch on some troubleshooting aspects too. You have made a significant investment in your business by updating your equipment, but if it is not used correctly, you may risk accelerated deterioration of such equipment which you obviously want to avoid. So, consider presenting some practical training sessions on the new equipment to make sure your stylists and technicians are “up to speed” and feel confident in their equipment knowledge. Professional confidence exuding from your staff will make a difference to the overall experience of your clients and will help them feel at ease and want to come back for repeat services.

In conclusion, setting up a new salon, spa, or barber shop requires meticulous planning and preparation, including the proper assembly and installation of your furniture and equipment. To ensure a smooth and successful setup, it is vital to coordinate with licensed professionals, prepare for the shipment arrival, dispose of shipping materials appropriately, and follow the assembly instructions provided with your equipment. Taking the time to do things correctly the first time around will not only save you time and money in the long run but also ensure that your clients are receiving the highest quality service possible. By following this assembly and installation guide, you can be confident in your ability to turn your dream into a thriving business.

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