Salon Inspiration Tour: Little Barber and Honest Barber | Austin, TX

May 17, 2021 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Matt McConnell III is the owner of Little Barber and its brother shop, Honest Barber. Both locations strike the absolute perfect balance between that iconic image of a classic barbershop – and a modern design sense that lets customers know they’re about to get a stylish new cut. 

The shampoo station at Little Barber feels lush and luxurious, thanks to various shades of green – including the olive green in our Pibbs 658 Barbiere Barber Chairs.

Design inspiration

For Matt, it was all about accomplishing a mid-century modern design in each of his shops — he loves warm wood tones and clean lines — but he also wanted to take each outpost’s location into account, building off of the foundations rather than trying to make each space something that it just wasn’t.

Between the clean wooden fixtures, classic tiling, and Buy-Rite’s YY-colored XX chairs, Matt has created a timeless experience at Honest Barber.

You might’ve noticed that Matt also leaned into green. That’s not just a matter of personal preference. The color is starting to crop up everywhere, from spring fashion to interior design. Not only does it look good, but it can also evoke the calm of nature – helping customers relax as stylists get to work.

With Buy-Rite, Matt was able to accomplish all of the above: at Honest Barber, the Pibbs 661 Seville Barber Chair mixes that retro that feels so central to MCM style with the more current green color trend. The wooden stylist stations and mirrors accent, but don’t overpower, the tiling and layout of the space. 

Honest Barber feels timeless and classic, with our Pibbs 661 Seville Barber Chairs taking center stage.

Over at Little Barber, Matt kept the same idea but adapted it to the unique space. Leafy green wallpaper and wooden countertops and lighting fixtures put Buy-Rite’s olive green Pibbs 658 Barbiere Barber Chairs on full display – making the customer feel like they take center stage when they sit down. 

At Little Barber, wood accents and leafy wallpaper play off the olive green in our Pibbs 658 Barbiere Barber Chairs to create a natural, calming salon environment.

Finding the right equipment

Matt prefers a self-directed approach: he likes to do a ton of research upfront, put design options together, and figure out what works best with his personal expectations and taste. 

Working with Buy-Rite, Matt found he had the flexibility to explore on his own, without feeling too distant from help if he needed it. 

“I expected to spend way more time sourcing my chairs than I did. Buy-Rite makes things very easy with a clean, user-friendly website and excellent customer service.”

Inspiration for others

If you came to this page looking for inspiration as you start your own salon or barbershop — or maybe you’re an old-timer looking for some new ideas to refresh your business outlook — Matt has some words of advice. 

“Patience. Take time developing your vision. Repeatedly think through your plan and keep detailed notes over time. Cutting hair is the easy part. Making the transition from barber to owner is a process. Be patient with yourself and the people around you and everything will work out just fine.”

You can follow along with Little Barber and Honest Barber on their website, or catch them on Instagram

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