Salon Inspiration Tour: Penelope June Salon | Greenwood, Indiana

April 4, 2022 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Allyson and Dylan Wilson are the pair behind Penelope June Salon in Greenwood, Indiana. The Wilsons are independent thinkers, and they’ve always wanted to work for themselves. So Allyson told us that when the opportunity was presented to open Penelope June, they jumped on it – and they’re so glad they did. 

penelope june salon
Allyson and Dylan chose our Belvedere Nova Styling Chairs in Space Blue to be the centerpiece of their space.

Design inspiration

From the get-go, the Wilsons set out to create a space that reflects their unique style: modern, airy, and playful, with bright pops of color here and there. You’ll notice that throughout the space, Allyson and Dylan relied on neutrals – soft colors, natural woods, and clean white walls – to make their accents stand out that much more. 

penelope june salon

Gold embellishments on the handles of Buy-Rite Bali Tall Styling Stations, mirrors, lamps, and even the HVAC system help brighten the room and tie the choices together. Even the beautiful wall art has some traces of gold, making the salon feel totally congruous.

Bali Tall Styling Stations and Belvedere Nova Styling Chairs
The Wilsons chose gold accents on our Bali Tall Styling Stations as the perfect complement to the bright Space Blue of our Belvedere Nova Styling Chairs.

All the neutrals and gold let the Wilsons’ color choices take center stage: the Belvedere Nova Styling Chairs in Space Blue are the stars of the main salon area. At the shampoo station, customers relax under the eye-catching orange in the backsplash. And in the bathroom, pink geometric wallpaper is on full display. 

Penelope June Shampoo Area

Finding the perfect equipment

When Allyson and Dylan set out to source those gorgeous pops of color that are so central to their salon, they knew they didn’t want to sacrifice quality or customer service. That’s why they went with Buy-Rite. 

“Buy-Rite was one of the only suppliers that could provide us with the PERFECT blue chairs.”

Belvedere Nova Styling Chairs

Advice for those starting out

We asked Allyson and Dylan if they had any advice for professionals who are opening their first salon, and they kept it simple: 

“Be confident, expect the unexpected, and have patience.” 

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