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Explore Buy-Rite’s selection of Pibbs hair dryers, hair steamers, and color processors, boasting over 80 years of industry-leading expertise. Choose from a diverse selection of Pibbs hair dryer models & chairs, offering lightweight, space-saving solutions for smaller spaces. Pair them with Pibbs' easy-to-use color processing lamps featuring adjustable chrome arms for precise customization. Each Pibbs dryer, steamer, or hair color processor is available in wall-mounted or free-standing models to suit your salon's needs. Complete your salon setup by pairing these with our dryer chairs, all-purpose chairs, and our exclusive collection of Italian blow dryers for a cohesive and professional look. For more hair dryer & color processor equipment, shop our entire collection of professional hooded hair dryers, color processors, and hair steamers to find the perfect fit for your space’s needs.

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Pibbs Hair Dryers, Chairs, Hood Dryers, Steamers & Processors

Experience the forefront of technology and innovation with Pibbs Industries' hair dryers, steamers, and processors, exclusively available at Buy-Rite Beauty. Pibbs' unmatched reputation, extensive selection, exceptional quality, customizable features, and industry-leading warranty position them as the premier choice for salon professionals. As one of Pibbs' largest partners in the USA, Buy-Rite Beauty ensures that your salon is equipped with the best tools for optimal efficiency and client satisfaction.

With a legacy dating back to the 1950s, the Petruccelli family's journey as hairstylists culminated in the establishment of Pibbs Industries in 1964. Boasting over 70 years of experience, Pibbs has ascended to global prominence as a leading manufacturer of salon and spa equipment, setting industry standards for innovation and quality.

Choosing Pibbs Industries for hair dryers, steamers, and processors ensures a reputation of excellence, a wide selection, customization options, an exceptional warranty, the benefits of the Buy-Rite partnership, advanced technology, and enhanced client satisfaction. The selection process involves considering functionality, space efficiency, adjustability, quality construction, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, client experience, and brand reputation.

For expert guidance in selecting the perfect Pibbs Industries hair dryer, steamer, or processor for your salon, contact Buy-Rite Beauty at 1-800-477-6655. Trust Buy-Rite Beauty to assist you in creating a salon experience that stands out.

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