Pibbs Styling Stations & Mirrors


Pibbs Styling Stations: Salon Mirrors & Stations for Stylists

Step into a realm of salon elegance and innovation with Pibbs Industries Styling Stations celebrated for their outstanding reputation, unparalleled selection, top-notch quality, and customization options that redefine the salon experience. As one of Pibbs' largest partners in the USA, Buy-Rite Beauty proudly provides access to a collection seamlessly blending style, functionality, and lasting value. Pibbs Industries, with a legacy spanning over 70 years, has become a symbol of excellence in the salon and spa industry. Founded by the Petruccelli family in the 1950s and established in 1964, their commitment to innovation and quality remains unwavering, making them one of the industry's most trusted brands. Featured Pibbs Styling Stations like Capri, Milano, Lumina, Wave, and Classic Isola showcase modern design, sophistication, functionality, and ample storage. Choosing Pibbs Industries Styling Stations ensures industry-leading quality, an extensive selection, customization options, an exceptional warranty, a Buy-Rite partnership, innovative design, and professional craftsmanship. Selecting the right styling station involves considerations like space utilization, storage solutions, design harmony, functional features, durability, client experience, customization options, and budget consciousness. For personalized assistance in choosing the perfect Pibbs Industries styling station for your salon, contact us at 1-800-477-6655, and trust Buy-Rite Beauty as your partner in realizing your salon's vision.

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