Salon Ambience Shampoo Chairs

Experience Buy-Rite Beauty's Italian-crafted Salon Ambiance shampoo equipment, designed to create a serene oasis for your clients. Luxurious deep porcelain shampoo bowls and chemical-resistant black handle shampoo spray hoses with two-way aerators enhance their comfort. Choose from multiple two-tone color combinations like the Salon Ambiance Icon wash unit to match your salon's aesthetic. The thick padding and ergonomic seat and backrest design ensure unparalleled comfort. Pair these backwash units with Salon Ambiance's range of styling chairs, salon stations & mirrors, and reception furniture for a cohesive Italian-chic look. Need assistance? Contact us for expert guidance in selecting the perfect Salon Ambiance Backwash Unit. Let Buy-Rite Beauty be your partner in bringing your dream salon to life.

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Salon Ambience Shampoo and Backwash Units

Explore Salon Ambience's exceptional collection of Shampoo Chairs and Backwash Units at Buy-Rite Beauty, where we proudly stand as one of Salon Ambience's premier partners in the USA. Our selection showcases the brand's outstanding reputation, commitment to quality, and customization options. Crafted in Italy, each product seamlessly embodies modern style and tradition, complemented by an exceptional warranty. Choose Buy-Rite Beauty for an unparalleled selection of Salon Ambience solutions that enhance your salon's shampoo area. Since its establishment in 1989, Salon Ambience has solidified its position as a leading Italian beauty equipment manufacturer, known for its dedication to quality, elegant designs, and global presence, making it the preferred choice for salon professionals worldwide. Choose Salon Ambience for your shampoo area for impeccable Italian craftsmanship, an extensive selection, high-quality materials, customization options, a seamless fusion of modern design with traditional craftsmanship, and an exceptional warranty. When choosing the right shampoo or backwash unit for your salon, consider the available space and layout, choose a design that complements your salon's theme, prioritize products with comfortable seating and ergonomic design, opt for durable materials, select units with adjustable features, check for easy-to-clean surfaces, ensure plumbing compatibility, and seek products that embody Salon Ambience's quality and style. If you need assistance in choosing the perfect Salon Ambience Shampoo Chair or Backwash Unit for your salon, call us at 1-800-477-6655. Buy-Rite Beauty is your partner in creating a salon that offers comfort, style, and professional excellence, making your dream salon a reality.

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