The Biggest Salon Suites in the Industry

November 6, 2023 | Posted by Meghan Smith

If you are looking to rent your own salon suite, then you are looking for your beauty sanctuary. This will become the space you spend the majority of your time, so you want it to be luxurious, inviting, and unique. You want your clients to step out of the ordinary and into a relaxing experience that is a step above conventional beauty salons. Choosing a suite location that is well-known in the industry can provide you with clear expectations and high beauty standards. Let’s dive into some of the leaders of the salon suite industry.

Phenix Salon Suites

Phenix Salon Suites is currently leading the way in the salon suite field as a “boutique salon suite concept”. At Phenix, the entrepreneurial spirit is embraced and encouraged. It was started by a hairstylist and is even named after her daughter, so the family values run deep in this corporation. Its meticulously designed spaces, contemporary aesthetics, and state-of-the-art amenities create an atmosphere that exudes sophistication. 

Phenix prides itself on being affordable, convenient, and having a luxurious ambiance. All leases are month-to-month with no long-term leases to provide you with flexibility. The low lease rates will help you keep your overhead down which means more profit for you! These suites are fully furnished and all utilities are included in the lease.

These suites feature twelve-foot ceilings, brilliant lighting, and upscale interiors to enhance your client’s experience. As a tenant, you will also enjoy free on-site laundry for fast washing and drying and a security system to allow you to feel secure while working. There are over 300 Phenix locations nationwide with the majority of them on the East Coast. This brand is still growing exponentially, so don’t worry if you don’t have a location near you yet. 

My Salon Suite

If you are looking for a space that is environmentally engaged, innovative, and technology driven then My Salon Suite is the right space for your dreams to come true. These locations are well-known and very reputable. They are typically in every major city in the U.S. with additional locations throughout each state. What makes My Salon Suite different is the commitment to letting you take control. Each suite is fully furnished with granite countertops, a color bar, and so much more. The suites are set up to give you and your client total privacy. Many other salon suites have shared spaces and close-knit suites that could make the overall experience less inviting. 

My Salon Suite is eco-friendly with a focus on efficiency. They are actively working to reduce energy costs and decrease water consumption. This is a top priority for this company and sets it apart from other salon suite locations. They are also focused on security for their tenants. They have a double door, and buzzer-controlled entry to help you feel safe and secure whenever you are working.

The final perk of renting a suite at My Salon Suite is that they are powered by Square. This makes it so easy for you to handle your payments and scheduling. You will get access to this whole system included in your rent. That can take a lot of stress off of trying to manage this on your own. My Salon Suite has locations in many states. The largest area for this franchise is the Northeast with 51 locations. The next best place to find this franchise is Florida with 46 locations.

Sola Salon Studios

This is a well-known salon suite company that has been around since 2004. These salon suites can be found in every state with over 650 locations. They have a top-notch reputation and provide their tenants with many amenities. Some of these amenities include WiFi, high-end light fixtures, and inviting shared spaces. The focus of Sola Salon Studios is community. They focus on fostering a sense of togetherness with all of their tenants. While you can still close your door and have the privacy you need with your client, the design of these studios allows you to still be able to share and help your neighbors. 

Sola Salon Studios offers you benefits if you decide to become a tenant. You will walk into the salon space of your dreams with glass doors that lock, premium lighting, and individual ventilation in each studio. You’ll also enjoy on-site laundry and a quick-turn repair team if you run into any problems. Not to mention their Sola Pro app that provides self-guided education to make sure that your small business is successful. 

If you need guidance with booking and payments, Sola Salon Studios offers an all-in-one solution called SOLAGENIUS. You can essentially manage your salon business right from your phone which just saves you time and keeps your clients coming back. 

Sola Salon Studios has the most locations of any other salon suite with over 650 suites nationwide. A majority of these suites can be found in California and New York where business is booming!

These corporations are industry leaders which means that they are tried and true. We recommend finding your nearest salon suite with a reputable name and scheduling a tour. Keep an eye out for our Salon Suite Locator coming soon to the Buy-Rite Beauty website. At Buy-Rite Beauty we are dedicated to helping you create a beautiful salon and also finding success!

Check out these additional major brands in the salon suite industry:

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