Buy-Rite Beauty’s Holiday Shopping Guide for Stylists

December 6, 2023 | Posted by Meghan Smith

Tis the season to show your favorite stylist how much you appreciate them! Upgrade their workspace with this season’s hottest tools and accessories. Here’s a list of our top 10 most-wanted items for stylists…

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Available in circular, square, and rectangular designs, our salon mats cater to any salon design with a wide array of color and thickness choices. These mats provide comfort and relief for stylists who stand all day.

Why stylists love them: These mats relieve back and leg pain which makes standing all day much easier for these beauty pros. 

Utility Carts

Our selection of utility carts ensures that hair stylists, nail technicians, and barbers remain organized and efficient, with everything they need right at their fingertips. They can keep all of their tools next to them as they move around the salon.

Why stylists love them: Utility carts offer extra mobility and ease as stylists work around clients and through the salon. They can work on the move!

Cutting Stools

Designed for stylists who stand throughout the day, our cutting stools provide these pros with the ability to sit while styling. These stools are adjustable to reach clients of any height. 

Why stylists love them: They can prolong their energy levels throughout the day to prevent fatigue. They also provide back and leg relief on the job.

Hair Color Processors

This piece of equipment uses infrared bulbs to speed up the color process while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. 

Why stylists love it: Hair color processors cut down the time for setting color in clients’ hair which allows stylists to accomplish more in less time. This is ideal for beauty pros that offer a lot of coloring services.

Hair Steamers

Much like a facial steamer, hair steamers open up the pores in hair to allow the product to sink deeply into each strand. This also helps when trying to get rid of any product build-up in the hair.

Why stylists love it: It allows stylists to provide specific treatments to clients to improve hair health.

Appliance Holder

Appliance holders are a life-saver for all beauty pros. They allow stylists to store their tools all in one place for easy access and organization.

Why stylists love it: It helps to speed up the styling process since everything is in a proper place and easy to reach.

Bleach-Proof Towels

These are special towels designed specifically for stylists. They are bleach-resistant which allows stylists to use them during the coloring process without ruining the look of their towels.

Why stylists love it: They withstand the effects of harsh chemicals without staining making them look cleaner for longer.

Italian Professional Blow Dryers

These professional blow dryers elevate the styling process with cutting-edge technology. They meet industry needs with specific heat settings and designs to reduce wrist and arm fatigue.

Why stylists love it: These blow dryers are made for salon professionals which means they will withstand heavy use without compromising style or lifespan.

LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are designed to illuminate your clients’ reflection right from the mirror to ensure the best results. These mirrors add lighting for precision during the styling and cutting process.

Why stylists love it: It helps illuminate each cut, color, and style so they can be precise each time.

Towel Warmers & Sanitizers

These nifty appliances are perfect for spas and barbershops for specific services such as shaving and pedicures. They heat and sanitize towels quickly to cut down on wait time. 

Why stylists love it: It cuts down on the time of having to manually wash and heat each towel. These appliances can keep these towels clean and at the right temperature throughout the day for less stress.

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