Branding Your Salon Suite

November 7, 2023 | Posted by Meghan Smith

Starting your own salon suite gives you so much freedom to do business the way you want. You have so much untapped potential to grow your skills and business in your own sanctuary. You have the opportunity to choose your location and your services, but there are still so many steps you need to take for true success. You will want to choose your logo and the colors that truly represent your business. This isn’t quite as clear-cut as it seems. A huge thing to consider before you commit to your salon suite business is what sets you apart from other beauty experts in your area. You will need to brand yourself in a way that shows off your personality in a professional way that will draw your clients in. We broke down a few ways to get started in branding your salon suite. 

1. Choosing your business name

This first step could be one of the most important steps in your business because it’s how everyone will know you and your business from here on out. You will want to take careful consideration when choosing your business name. The first important thing to consider is if your state has any naming guidelines. Most states will restrict you from using a name that another business in your state is already using. You also aren’t allowed to use words like “bank” unless you are a financial institution in most cases. Having the word “salon” or “beauty” can really work to your advantage and help clients recognize you easily.

Make sure that your business name is unique and not too similar to competitors’ names. You want to stand out from the competition. It is best to choose something that distinguishes you from other suites and salons. Use your expertise as a starting point. Maybe you offer something new that will draw your clients in. Proceed with caution if you take this approach. You want your business name to allow you to expand and grow. You don’t want your name to limit what you can offer.

2. Designing your logo

The first step to designing your new logo is understanding your brand. Who are you and what is your message? This expands beyond just cutting hair or providing manicures. You want your logo to invite your ideal clients in and tell your story at first glance. Start by brainstorming words that describe you and what you want to offer. Once you have about ten words then find their synonyms and see what captures your brand. 

Now comes the tricky part for some. You will want to create some rough sketches using all of the above brainstorming. This may be a strong suit for you while others might not have the skill set to put this vision on paper. If this is the case for you, there are plenty of other avenues that you can take. Try reaching out to freelance graphic designers in your area and hire them for this project. It is often better to pay a little extra for a professional result that will last you for years to come. Another option is to utilize an online logo design service such as 99Designs.

Your logo should just be a simple and recognizable image. As a general rule, you should avoid using more than three colors. It could be tempting to make your logo as loud and colorful as possible but this typically doesn’t do you any favors. Save the creative colors for your suite design!

3. Choose your brand colors

Your brand colors and logo colors will be the same in most cases. When choosing your colors, you will want to make sure this aligns with the atmosphere that you are trying to create in your suite. Your color palette can say a lot about your brand. For example, blues and greens typically communicate serenity while red and orange can convey high energy. These colors will be used in many places in your business so make sure these are the colors you want your clients to associate with you. 

4. Inside your suite and beyond

Having an empty salon suite is like having a clean slate. There are so many avenues that you could go down when br3. anding your suite. According to Modern Salon, most stylists find this to be overwhelming and end up choosing a focal point to base their brand on. This could be anything from a piece of art to a quote that represents who you are. A trend that is circulating throughout salon suites is the accent wall. Many suite owners will create a fun, colorful wall that catches people’s eye. Deciding on what this wall might look like can be tricky. Do you want your suite to be feminine or masculine? Maybe both? Do you want it to be calm or eclectic? Are you appealing to younger clients? All of these questions will help you determine your brand. A great example of this is Blink by Mack, where Mackenzie knew she wanted a wall that could be recognized anywhere. She pulled her brand colors from her wall and used them to create her social media and suddenly she was booking her ideal clients. 

A great place to start cultivating ideas is Pinterest. There are so many design inspirations to choose from and you can start your own mood board. Start pulling together anything that catches your eye. Write down quotes that inspire you or represent your business. Having a focal point to start your brand will really help the overall vision

Client Experience

If you are starting your own salon suite, chances are you know what services you want to offer. This could really help you shape your brand once you take into account how you want your client to feel during their time in your suite. Some services can be very intimate or stressful like waxing. You would want to build your brand around making your client feel safe, calm, and clean. This is very different than a nail artist who is known for loud designs and creativity. That brand could be colorful, abnormal, and trendy. Envision yourself as a client in your suite. How would you want to feel when you walk in? The energy that your brand gives off will draw specific clients in. Take a look at industry leader branding and see what is successful. A great example of an inviting wax service brand is the European Wax Center. This brand is clean and modern. When you walk into a center, you feel the serenity and privacy. Keep this in mind while branding yourself so that you draw in the right clients and have a great reputation. 

Your Values

Starting out on your own means that you are going to have to gain the trust of clients who don’t yet know you. Being as transparent as possible in your brand will aid you in this challenge. Aligning your personal values with your work can help potential clients understand what type of person you are. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your cruelty-free products, environmentally-friendly processes, or whatever means the most to you. The beauty in this is that you don’t have to make this the main focus of your brand, but the more your client can learn about you the better. You will attract like-minded clients who will feel even more at ease in your suite. This really can work to your advantage if you offer more intimate services. Your clients will know that you are dedicated to making them feel as beautiful as possible. 

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Having your brand set and ready to launch before opening your doors is crucial. This helps you to know your clientele and vice versa. Once you get this down, marketing and decorating fall right in line. Take your time in putting your brand together to ensure that it represents you and your business accurately. It can actually be your key to success in this competitive industry. 

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