Pedicure Chairs: Are You Ready to Dip Your Toe in the Water?

April 11, 2017 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Clients love your salon. They walk in feeling tired and frumpy, and walk out looking like a million bucks, rejuvenated from a pampering experience.

A fresh hair cut and color will do that for a gal. But when the service is over, is your happy client heading off to another business for her pedicure? How much happier would she be if she could have her regular pedicure in the same spot she gets her other beauty treatments?

And how much more revenue would you put in your pocket if you added pedicures to your menu? Just one pedicure chair could add a whole new revenue stream to your business.

But first, you must do your research!

There are lots of options in the world of pedicure chairs. Here are a few things to consider before choosing the right chair for your salon space:

1. Staffing Up: Do you already have a nail tech on staff doing manicures? Is she willing to take on more hours? If not, do you have an esthetician or other staff member who is certified to do nails and interested in building her nail business?

If you don’t have anyone on staff who could take on pedicure clients, are you willing to hire a nail tech on a part-time basis to get your nail business off the ground?

Remember, just because you hire someone to do pedicures, it doesn’t mean she can’t handle other responsibilities in the salon. Maybe you’re in need of an assistant as well or a shampoo technician. A nail tech could be a versatile player in your staff line-up when she’s not with manicure or pedicure clients.

2. Space Challenges: Take a good look at your salon’s floor plan. Are you maxed out on space? Or is there an underutilized storage closet that could be converted to a pedicure room? Maybe your floor plan could be reconfigured with minimal or no construction.

Talk to an architect or contractor to get an idea of your options. Whether you’re only able to add one chair or find the space to put four in a room to accommodate groups, a professional can guide you in the right direction.

Morris DG105

So you say you have no space at all? No problem. Non-plumb, portable units (I couldn’t find these on the site) can be moved and take up little space. You don’t even have to worry about plumbing—they can be used right out of the box!

3. Marketing Strategies: You’ve decided to take the pedicure plunge! Congrats! Time to let your clients know the good news. Plan marketing campaigns around seasons—spring break specials, holiday prep, etc. Hook clients up with punch cards, referrals and buy two, get one deals. Offer loyal clients a regular 15 percent discount.

Do you see a high volume of bridal parties in your salon? Make sure pedicures are part of the bridal package. Brides will appreciate a one-stop shop on their big day.

4. The Price Tag: Just like any piece of salon equipment, there is a wide range of styles and prices available in pedicure chairs.

The most common type of chair is a plumbed “pipeless” pedi spa. But you can also purchase non-plumb pedi spas, portable pedi spas and pedicure benches with built-in tubs.


Prices start as low as $699 for a non-plumb basic chair and go all the way up to $15,499 for a pedicure bench with built-in tubs.

Worried about the plumbing aspect of a pedi spa? Don’t. Hooking up a chair is simple for any licensed plumber. All you need is a hot/cold line and a drain line.

You can plumb through the floor or up through a wall (which requires a bit more equipment).

Or, with a non-plumb unit, you simply take it out of the box and use it—no plumber or plumbing required!

Now comes the fun part—start shopping and enjoy the added revenue to your business.

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