Own A Salon? 3 Legal Liabilities To Be Aware Of

September 7, 2017 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

There are several benefits of owning a salon. You can easily balance life and work by setting your own hours. You get to choose the services that you provide so that you only take up as much time during the day as you want. Being a salon owner offers a way to challenge yourself. It gives a way to feel accomplished in seeing the results that a customer wants. If you have employees, then you can set an example for them to follow, showing them the latest beauty techniques so that they can assist in operating the business successfully. You get to connect with your clients and learn about their lives while doing a job that you enjoy. There are a few liabilities that you’re responsible for as a salon owner that you need to keep in mind while in operation.

Slips, Falls, and Accidents

If you’ve ever been in a salon, then you know that there are liquids that can get on the floor, such as shampoo or conditioner. If you don’t clean these liquids up, then there is a potential for slips and falls to occur. As a salon owner, you are liable for any slips and falls that happen in the business. Mats should be placed on the floor so that people can wipe their feet to keep from spreading liquids and other debris on the floor. You also need some kind of sign to put at a spill so that people know of the wet floor. There are cords that people can trip over, such as cords from the hair dryer or a hair straightener. You need to find a way to keep cords from dragging on the floor, such as positioning them on the wall, to prevent accidents of any kind from taking place.

Salon Equipment Damage

There are times when the equipment that is used in the salon could cause damage to your clients. An example would be a hair dryer that is set too high, burning the scalp of the client. This is a situation, among many others, that would benefit from maintaining comprehensive business insurance policies. If something occurs in the salon, then the insurance coverage would protect you and the business instead of you worrying about paying out any kind of claim from your pocket. At times, equipment can malfunction. You usually won’t know if the equipment is malfunctioning until it happens. It’s not any fault of your own unless you know that there is a potential for something to break. However, you are responsible for what happens to your clients even if there is an accidental malfunction. Take a look around at different companies, like Marine Agency, to find insurance options that will work for you and your business.

Other Legal Liabilities

After clients leave the salon, you want them to enjoy their new look. Some customers may decide that they don’t like the services offered and may sue you for that. Customers may also bring other legal claims against your business, saying it wasn’t a safe environment or that they didn’t feel safe there. You can’t predict what people may sue you over, you can just anticipate that it’s a possibility that might happen. You may consider having a lawyer picked out that you can work with if your business does run into legal trouble in the future.

When you own a salon, it’s usually a fun environment because you get to change how people look and give them a style that they will enjoy. Accidents happen in this kind of business. The best thing to do is maintain salon insurance to protect your business, the employees and the customers who walk through your door.

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