Salon Inspiration Tour: Wildflower Collective | Las Vegas, NV

June 2, 2020 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Design Inspiration

When you walk into the Wildflower Collective in Las Vegas, you are encompassed in a potpourri of inspiration and good vibes. The salon’s design perfectly combines Scandinavian hygge simplicity and elements of boho, creating an ultra-modern yet supremely natural environment. With over 100 live plants and live edge wood countertops, nature’s beauty shines throughout the salon, while being complemented with modern lines, rich textures, and a calming neutral color palette.

wildflower collective

From the reception area to the styling stations and color bar, Wildflower Collective’s unique aesthetic threads throughout the entire space with clean, modern simplicity combined with a myriad of plant life. The uplifted, natural elegance creates an upscale yet comfortable environment, constructing an unmatched, distinctive experience for guests.

wildflower collective

Finding the Perfect Equipment

When finding the perfect equipment to complement her vision for her new salon’s environment, salon owner Cena Jordan was looking for a unique combination of modernity and comfort,

“Buy-Rite Beauty was one of the only equipment companies that had a sleek, simple and more modern style we were going for, less traditional and more of a home and welcoming look.”

wildflower collective

With comfort being such an important aspect of a client’s salon experience, Cena knew it was essential to work with a company that had excellent customer service and high-quality products. Despite purchasing her products online, she knew she could depend on the quality and comfort of her new salon furniture because of the great customer service she received and positive reviews.

wildflower collective

Cena found the perfect match in the Christina Styling Chair in black to meet her salon’s unique aesthetic and needs. For design continuity throughout the salon, she paired her styling chairs with Christina Backwash Units in black with white bowls.

wildflower collective

A Piece of Advice

While opening a new salon can be a lot of work, Cena has advice on how to enjoy the process and find your unique voice. While opening Wildflower Collective, she had support and help from other salon owners to guide her along the way. Cena recommends reaching out to a person you look up to who could be your mentor.

wildflower collective

For design inspiration,

“Stay true to what YOU find beautiful and what inspires YOU. You don’t have to be like the salon next to you or in your same city. People like authenticity. It will make you stand out.”

wildflower collective

For making the process work for you,

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you cannot do it alone. It takes a village. Plus, your stylists and co-workers most likely would be flattered to help out or feel more a part of your team!”

Want to see more of Wildflower Collective? Check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook page!

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