STYLE GUIDE: How to Achieve Rustic & Industrial Style

October 5, 2022 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

What is a “Rustic & Industrial” Design Style

Rustic industrial is a rather broad term in regard to design style—ranging from provincial, countryside, farmhouse, or just simple cottage vibes to capturing the efficient, utilitarian architecture of early factories, manufacturing plants, and repurposed lofts or warehouses—it’s all about embracing a natural, organic aesthetic filled with weathered woods, natural materials and neutral, earthy colors and muted tones. This design style favors unpretentious simplicity and functionality over sleek, modern elegance, flashy colors, or the latest “hip” trends.

How Can I Design My Salon, Barbershop, or Spa with a Rustic & Industrial Look and Feel?

To accomplish this particular design style in your salon, spa, or barber shop, you would want to steer away from using synthetic fabrics, very bright or neon colors, plastic, polished wood, avant-garde décor, and trendy furniture.

Instead, you’ll want to lean into design elements featuring exposed wiring, pipes, or ductwork combined with brick, concrete, and weathered, raw, or reclaimed wood options. Painting the walls in soft, neutral hues will also provide a great background. This setting would be highlighted with non-shiny metal accents such as exposed ceiling pipes or ductwork, or metal frames on windows, mirrors, or doors, and then adding statement pieces such as wrought iron artwork or other natural décor to round out the rustic industrial look.

Luna Styling Chair – Against the Grain Hair Lounge, Swartz Creek, MI.

What are Some Specific Equipment & Furniture Products that Fit the “Rustic & Industrial” Salon Design Style?

Let your creativity guide you while designing for this particular look, which can be achieved even on a smaller budget, by splurging on one or two pieces of quality furniture and then completing the look with industrial-inspired lighting such as steel caged lamps with exposed wiring and low light bulbs. Faux animal skins or pillows and an eye-catching piece of artwork along with other organic accents such as natural textiles (rugs or window treatments) like canvas, linen, jute, or even burlap will help you achieve the desired design aesthetic.

Furniture & equipment design play important roles adding to your spaces vibe. Look & feel always begins with the focal point of the salon – the styling chair. The Obsidian Styling Chair fits the industrial mold perfectly with it’s steel frame features and it’s simple structure. The Keaton Styling Chair plays well into the rustic theme with it’s exterior wooden shell frame features. Furthermore, styling stations with distressed wooden colors like the Omni Distressed Wood Styling Station quickly add to a spaces look & feel with it’s vibrant color & size.

Omni Distressed Double Styling Station – Indie Mane, Indianapolis, IN.

Rustic Industrial design encompasses many variations, so use your creativity to design a unique look that represents the vibe and feel you want to express in your salon or spa. Still not quite sure how to get started, or what type of products and equipment to choose? No worries, Buy-Rite Beauty is here to help – our product professionals are experts at what they do and are happy to share their knowledge with you to help you create the salon or spa of your dreams!

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