How to Make a Salon Mood Board

November 21, 2022 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

So, you’ve decided that you want to open your own salon. You’ve got the skills, you’ve raised the money, and your next step is figuring out what your business is going to look like – how it’s going to feel, and what the vibe will be. At this stage, there are a lot of ideas swirling, and it seems like there are a million directions you could take it.

Enter: the mood board. Mood boards are like a collage of materials that help you visualize what your salon could actually look like when it’s finally put together. While designers, illustrators, and other creative professionals often use mood boards to communicate their vision for a particular project, anyone can leverage the tool as a powerful starting point.

What goes on a mood board, and why should I make one?

Good question. When it comes to mood boards, anything goes. You could include everything from material samples to color palettes, fonts, and equipment options – even logos and brand statements, if you have them. You could also include images that help evoke a particular feeling or state of mind, the way a piña colada says “vacation time!”

At Theory Collective in Charleston, SC, for example, you can bet that their mood board probably included lots of pinks, neons, and party vibes! Here’s the finished product:

You can think of a mood board as a tool that helps you transition between your initial idea and first draft. It can be a helpful way to see how all your elements fit together – so that you create a cohesive salon experience that enhances the experience of receiving your top-notch services.  

Mood boards can also save you time later in the process as you put your idea into action by ensuring that everyone is on the same page. They can help you illustrate your ideas to others who may be helping you along the process, from interior decorators to those drafting up promotional material.

So how do I make a mood board?

You have two options for getting started. You could go old school with poster board and tape (or tacks and cork boards). Or you could use an online tool like Canva, Milanote, or Pinterest, all of which allow you to digitally “pin” ideas to your board – some of them even have templates to help you get started!

There are a few basic steps to putting together your own mood board. 

1. Define your theme. Since you’ve probably been toying with the idea of opening your own salon for a while now, you probably already have a few keywords in mind for what kinds of services you want to provide, and how you want your space to look and feel. What are they? These keywords will help you with initial image searches.

Not sure where to start? On our website, you can shop by style, which could help you nail down your theme.

2. Add away! Start with your existing materials – maybe you already have a logo in mind, for example, or a tagline. Then hit the internet, industry magazines, and even other businesses in your area. When something strikes your fancy, pop it on the board! Remember, mood boards are all about exploration, so lots of ideas are welcome! You can always go back and streamline to just your very favorite options later.

Our recommendation? Keep your mood board accessible and at the ready as you peruse resources like Buy-Rite’s blog, guides for getting started, our design inspiration page, and retail options. When something strikes your fancy, pop it on the board!

3. Organize. Once you’ve added all your ideas, group them into categories or like themes. Weed out any colors that clash. This is also a good point to start taking away extraneous elements, trimming down to just your favorites. 

4. Share and explain. Now, bring others in. Use your mood board as a visual aid for discussions and planning sessions. You could even share your mood board with a member of Buy-Rite’s customer service team, who can use it to help you select the right equipment to achieve your vision for your salon.

A finished board might look something like this. This creator has chosen pinks and greens as their focal colors, with lots of gold accents and natural elements in the wood and leafy green wallpaper. They also adhered to a “glam” style of equipment, with the Alexa Full Length Salon Mirror & Frame, Salon Ambience CH070 Icon Styling Chair in Vintage White, and a Bali Tall Gold Styling Station. Whether this is what the final product looks like or not, it’s a good illustration of the look this professional is going for! 

What’s next?

Keep moving toward your goal! Here are some helpful guides as you continue on your journey:

Remember, our team is always here to help you achieve your goals for your business. You can reach out to us here, and you can shop Buy-Rite equipment here.

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