Top 12 Styling Chairs Under $399

April 17, 2023 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Styling Chairs are a vital component in your salon, and while there’s undoubtedly a wide price range, you don’t need to break the bank to choose durable, modern styling chairs that will work well for your stylists AND provide maximum comfort for your clients.

Many of our styling chairs are available in various color choices and base options for easy customization, and for peace of mind, most are backed with a 2-year hydraulic pump warranty. With over 85 years of combined beauty industry expertise, our experts worked up a helpful list for some of the best styling chairs of 2023. We know what to look for in a professional salon chair, so our list focuses on chairs that combine quality, comfort, exceptional value, and contemporary design to give you a head start on your search for the perfect salon styling chair!

1. Zara Styling Chair

Quickly becoming a customer favorite, the European-design Zara Styling Chair features a unique quilted vinyl pattern on the outside of the arms and back with vibrant gold stitching, and an eye-catching flat, square stainless gold base and matching gold footrest and foot pedal giving it that contemporary look to elevate any space. The Zara hydraulic pump offers a 2-year warranty, and the chair is constructed with a durable frame for longevity. Another well-designed feature is the 2” gap between the seat and backrest making this chair extremely easy to clean between clients. If you are looking for a high-quality, modern styling chair option that will add a touch of elegance to your salon and also offer superior comfort for your clients all at a great price—the Zara is the one for you!

Buy-Rite Beauty Zara Styling Chair

2. Icon Styling Chair

The Icon Styling Chair is modern, sophisticated, and stylish, and is also a great value purchase because it is built to last. This square styling chair, available in 3 different vibrant color options, features padded quilted embroidery and is designed with a 2” gap between the seat and back for super easy clean-up. Constructed with a wide seat, durable steel frame, and the best hydraulic pump for its value in the industry, the Icon Styling Chair is ideal for a wide range of clients. The Icon can be customized easily as it is compatible with multiple base styles and offers perfect design continuity for your salon with the Icon All-Purpose Chair and the Icon Backwash Unit.

Buy-Rite Beauty Icon Styling Chair

3. Christina Styling Chair

Available only at Buy-Rite Beauty, the ever popular Christina Styling Chair is a European design square salon chair outfitted with a T-Bar Footrest and your choice of a flat square or flat round hydraulic pump with a 2-year warranty, a sturdy steel frame and a comfortable one-piece foam cushion. The Christina can be paired with our ultra-luxurious Christina Backwash Unit for great design continuity for your salon or spa. This unique seating line is only available at Buy-Rite and is sure to grab your customer’s attention while providing many years of reliable service.

Buy-Rite Beauty Christina Styling Chair

4. Luna Gold Styling Chair

The Luna Gold Styling Chair is a new customer favorite due to its classy mid-century modern stylings, durability and the eye-catching brushed gold armrests, and brushed gold stainless-steel, durable hydraulic base complete with a gold footrest and foot pedal for a most relaxing salon experience. This European-design styling chair is a real stand-out sure to impress your clients with its intricate stitch pattern, comfort, and contemporary look. The Luna is also very stylist-friendly as it is constructed with seamless, crevice-free seat cushions which make cleaning between clients a breeze. The distinct Luna Gold Styling Chair matches perfectly with our Luna Gold Backwash Unit to offer great design continuity across your salon!

Buy-Rite Beauty Luna Gold Styling Chair

5. Onyx Styling Chair

The all-black Onyx Styling Chair’s modern, sleek style brings luxury and sophistication into your space and at the same time can withstanding the wear and tear of any bustling salon! Your clients will appreciate the slightly rounded arms designed to support a natural resting posture and the inclined seat-back which provides added back support for extra comfort. The matte black powder coating on the footrest and steel base plate is certainly very stylish, but also very practical as it prevents any evident dirt, scratches, small dings, or dents that may appear on a standard chrome base over time. The Onyx also features a durable steel-frame construction, and a 2-year warranty on the hydraulic pump system, and the heavy-duty base plate offers a long travel range, accommodating stylists at any height. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, versatile styling chair offering functionality along with a contemporary, sleek design – the Onyx is perfect for you!

Buy-Rite Beauty Onyx Styling Chair

6. Chelsea Styling Chair

The classic yet modern design Chelsea Styling Chair is a very popular choice for beauty industry professionals! Stylists simply love the Chelsea because it is easy to assemble, multiple base options are available, the steel construction that provides great durability, and its 3.5” thick removable seat cushion that makes cleanup between clients a breeze. Wow your clients with the Chelsea’s button-tufted, tall seat-back and meticulous brass nail head trim detailing that brings old-school glamor to any space! The wide seat, soft cushions, and padded arms are sure to help your clients relax and stay comfortable for the entire length of their service. Looking for design continuity? Look no further than the Chelsea, which is designed to go perfectly with the Chelsea Dryer Chair and Chelsea Backwash Unit!

Buy-Rite Beauty Chelsea Styling Chair

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7. Sylvia Styling Chair

Searching for dependable performance from a hydraulic styling chair at a more modest price point? Buy-Rite’s Sylvia Styling Chair will fit the bill! The Sylvia is built on a heavy-duty chrome steel frame for durability and offers a 2-year warranty on the professional grade hydraulic pump, and it also features sleek metal arms and a T-Bar footrest. This reliable styling chair can accommodate up to 350 lbs., and with an extra-wide seat will work for clients of all shapes and sizes, and with a full 360-degree swivel rotation you can easily access your clients during their styling services. The Sylvia will add a stylish modern look to any salon, without breaking the bank! Check out our matching Dryer Chair that pairs perfectly with this styling chair for design continuity across your space.

Buy-Rite Beauty Sylvia Styling Chair

8. Victoria Styling Chair

Another very popular entry is the Buy-Rite Victoria Styling Chair, because it is one of the most comfortable chairs we offer and with minimal assembly required set-up will be quick and hassle-free! This professional chair stuns with an elegant gold metal frame and matching gold-finish base and durable steel plate, and the hydraulic base is backed by a lengthy 2-year warranty. The padded arms and 4-panel open seating concept helps your stylists stay on task with easy cleaning and upkeep, and the extra-wide, padded cushion combined with a large footrest adds supreme comfort for your clients. The Victoria Styling Chair comes in premium black vinyl and features detailed stitching on the chair back and seat to add to the all-around sophistication of this chair.

Buy-Rite Beauty Victoria Styling Chair

9. Lexus Styling Chair

Revitalize the look of your salon with the European design Lexus Styling Chair! The Lexus offers many in-demand features including softly curved arms and back and this slight curvature in the arms combined with the added back lumbar support and plush foam cushion creates extremely comfortable seating for your clients. This styling chair ships out on a standard round base, or you may select from 3 unique base options (additional costs apply). A 2-year warranty for the hydraulic pump means it’s built with a focus on longevity. Stylists will appreciate the 2” gap between the seat and back making clean-up very easy between clients or at the end of the day. And remember, we also offer the Lexus Backwash Unit, a long-time customer favorite, which features matching arms to the Lexus Styling chair and pairing them creates great design continuity and a polished, professional look.

Buy-Rite Beauty Lexus Styling Chair

10. Echo Styling Chair

Designated with plenty of 5-star reviews from your industry peers, the sleek and modern Echo Styling Chair features a scooped seat with no seams and a floating back, a T-Bar footrest and a 23’ round base. Flat square or flat round base upgrades are available (additional costs apply). The Echo’s contemporary, no-seam design assures there’s no place for hair to get stuck and makes cleaning between clients a breeze. If you are looking for a modern styling chair that offers great durability for years to come while also adding a touch of modern sophistication to your salon, then the Echo Styling Chair is your perfect match.

Buy-Rite Beauty Echo Styling Chair

11. Obsidian Styling Chair

The classic all-black Obsidian Styling Chair with its extra-wide, thick-cushioned seating, open back, padded arms, and lower leg support cushion, is one of the top styling chairs in the industry for client comfort. The black, smooth tufted vinyl combined with the all-black durable steel frame creates a distinct style to elevate and enhance the look of any modern, edgy salon. The Obsidian’s all-black powder-coated base, which helps to mask dirt, scratches, dings, and dents that may accumulate over time on a standard chrome base, distinguishes this elegant chair from the all the rest and gives you that professional edge! The ease of assembly, open seating concept and the 2-year warranty on the hydraulic pump combine to make the Obsidian Styling Chair an affordable and stylish option that will provide your clients with a luxurious, comfortable experience!

Buy-Rite Beauty Obsidian Styling Chair

12. Shelby Styling Chair

The Shelby Styling Chair is a beautiful example of quality, value, functionality and style and it is designed with client comfort in mind. Clients of any size will enjoy the sleek rounded arms, wide seat, and padded lumbar support, while your stylists will appreciate the easy clean-up with the 2’ gap between the back and seat of the chair. The Shelby comes complete with a standard round base, but various unique base option upgrades are available (additional costs apply). A 2-year warranty on the hydraulic pump adds additional value to the chair. For design continuity, we also offer the matching Shelby Backwash Unit to create a clean, professional look for your space. If you are looking for dependable performance and simple elegance, the Shelby Styling Chair is a great choice for you – call your Buy-Rite representative today and order yours!

Buy-Rite Beauty Shelby Styling Chair
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