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Welcome to the world of Collins Styling Stations, where sophistication meets functionality. With a legacy of supporting salons and crafting salon furniture of unmatched quality, Collins Manufacturing is a trusted name in the industry. Discover a range of high-quality styling stations that blend exquisite design with practicality to enhance your salon's aesthetics.


History of Excellence


For years, Collins Manufacturing has been dedicated to American manufacturing and the salon furniture industry. Their commitment to providing the highest quality styling stations has solidified their reputation for excellence. Elevate your salon with stations that exude luxury and contribute to the success of your salon.


Featured Collins Styling Stations


Collins E1011 Finley Styling Station - Blend of style and functionality.
Collins E1013P Nico Styling Station - Modern design with metal accents.
Collins E1012P Aspen Styling Station - Sleek aesthetics with metal legs.
Collins E1013 Nico Styling Station - Contemporary style with functional storage.
Collins E1012 Aspen Floating Styling Station - Minimalist design for modern salons.
Collins E1022P Aspen Tower Styling Station - Elevated style with metal legs.
Collins E1022 Aspen Floating Styling Tower - Stylish and space-efficient solution.
Collins E1042 Essentials Formula Wall Station - Space-saving, modern design.
Collins E1043 Essentials Formula Island Station - Versatile island design with ample storage.
Collins 607 Rio Back-to-Back Styling Station - Efficient and stylish back-to-back setup.


Why Choose Collins?


Discover the reasons to opt for Collins Styling Stations:

Uncompromising Quality: Collins stations are synonymous with durability and exquisite craftsmanship.
American Manufacturing: Support American craftsmanship and showcase your commitment to quality.
Legacy of Excellence: Collins continues to set the standard for premium salon furniture.


Choosing the Perfect Station


Selecting your Collins Styling Station requires careful consideration:

Functional Design: Choose a station with ample storage and workspace to meet your salon's needs.
Quality Materials: Opt for stations crafted from durable materials that withstand salon wear and tear.
Style Alignment: Ensure the station's design complements your salon's aesthetic and branding.
Practical Layout: Look for well-organized stations that facilitate efficient workflows for stylists.
Custom Colors & Finishes: Customize the station's look to match your salon's unique style.
Ergonomic Consideration: Prioritize stations that offer comfortable and convenient working heights.


Need Help Choosing?


Choosing the perfect styling station is a significant decision. For personalized assistance and information, call us at 1-800-477-6655. Elevate your salon's aesthetics with Collins Manufacturing and Buy-Rite Beauty.

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