The 8 Best Shampoo Backwash Units for Salons in 2023

March 13, 2023 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

A backwash unit can make or break how a client feels about their experience at your salon. Providing a comfortable unit for them and a durable, functional backwash for you is essential. Making the right investment can be hard with so many options on the market – so how do you know which one is right for you? Our experts at Buy-Rite took a look at our best-sellers, best prices, and top-quality shampoo backwash units to bring you the best – and most stylish – shampoo backwash units of 2023!

1. Lexus Backwash Unit

Give your client a comfortable, deluxe experience at a great price with our 5th-running best-seller, the Lexus Shampoo Backwash Unit. Its modern European style features high-density foam padding, an extra-wide seat, kick-out leg rest, custom-fit neck rest, and a tilting porcelain shampoo bowl sure to leave your clients at ease for any length of service. The cutting-edge Lexus Backwash Unit is available in four durable vinyl options, and the porcelain shampoo bowl is available in white or black, giving you the ability to customize the look of your units for your salon. Additionally, this unit comes with a European-style single-handle faucet, a durable shampoo hose and shower head, and a vacuum breaker so you don’t need to buy any extra hardware.

Buy-Rite Beauty Lexus Backwash Unit

2. Luna Gold Backwash

The beautifully crafted Luna Gold Backwash is sure to impress your clients with its mid-century modern style and superior comfort, as well as your stylists for its functionality, ease of use, and long-lasting durability. Gold accents are all the rage for 2023, and we are not talking about the dated polished brassy gold of years past but a refined, classy brushed gold finish that adds a muted sophisticated touch of glamour to any space. The brushed gold finish, which is also very forgiving regarding fingerprints and smudges, offers a timeless appeal and is not going out of style anytime soon. This classic and best-selling shampoo unit features brushed gold finishes on the armrests and legs, and the kick-out leg rest combined with the tilting bowl provides a superior relaxation experience for your clients. The Luna Gold Backwash is extremely sturdy, and it ships out complete with a European-style single-handle faucet, chrome shampoo hose, a built-in vacuum breaker, and your choice of a black or white porcelain bowl. This elegant unit pairs perfectly with our Luna Styling Chair for design continuity in any salon, spa, or barber shop – order yours today!

Buy-Rite Beauty Luna Gold Shampoo Backwash Unit

3. Oasis Backwash Unit

The Oasis Backwash Unit combines style and comfort to create a balanced shampoo unit that you and your clients will love and it’s a great price! Your clients will bask in luxury with the ergonomically designed head pedestal and thick, cozy cushion with lumbar support. The ergonomic lounging structure and layout are perfect for services beyond a basic wash, keeping your client comfortable for head massages and waxing. The sturdy fiberglass base has two stylish chrome feet, and the unit features an extra-large shampoo bowl, a head pedestal with an anti-bacterial rubber cover, a durable hose and nozzle, and a single-lever faucet making the stylist’s job a breeze. If you’re looking for comfort and ease for both the client and the stylist, the Oasis Backwash Unit is perfect for you.

Buy-Rite Beauty Oasis Backwash Unit

4. Chelsea Backwash Unit

Presenting a modern take on a classic style, the Chelsea Backwash Unit combines comfort, quality, and old-school glamour to bring your salon to the next level! Featuring a wide, tall tufted seat-back, a soft foam-filled vinyl seat cushion, and a tilting porcelain shampoo bowl with a custom-fitting neck rest, your guests are sure to feel pampered and comfortable during their service. The Chelsea is available in 2 colors, with the porcelain shampoo bowl available in black or white. The Chelsea Backwash Unit was made with a stylist’s busy schedule in mind – its European-style single-handle faucet, durable shampoo hose, and removable seat cushion make this unit easy to use and clean up between clients.

Buy-Rite Beauty Chelsea Backwash Unit

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5. Eclipse Backwash Unit

If you want your customers to luxuriate in the most relaxing and comfortable experience while receiving their beauty services, be sure to consider the professional Eclipse Backwash Unit. This lay-in style shampoo unit will be appreciated by your stylists and customers alike for its elegant style, durability, and unmatched level of comfort due to the almost complete horizontal recline it offers. The Eclipse Backwash presents a variety of modern features including an extra wide seat with added lumbar support and a kick-out leg rest, a large porcelain shampoo bowl (choice of black or white) with a built-in headrest, and it ships out complete with all necessary hardware you need to set up. The Eclipse Backwash pairs well with just about any styling chair – work with your Buy-Rite sales rep to design the best combination for you!

Buy-Rite Beauty Eclipse Backwash Unit

6. Shelby Backwash Unit

If you’re looking for shampoo backwash units that combine quality, style, functionality, and a great price, the Shelby Backwash Unit is for you! Designed with client comfort in mind, this shampoo backwash unit puts your client at the perfect angle for their head to lay comfortably in the bowl, provides extra lumbar support for their back, and features an extra-wide cushioned seat for ultimate relaxation. The unit is also made with stylist comfort in mind, with a dual-function nozzle, single-handle fixture, and a built-in vacuum breaker. The Shelby’s durable vinyl comes in 5 color options, and the deep tilting porcelain bowl is available in black or white, allowing you to customize your units for your salon’s needs.

Buy-Rite Beauty Shelby Backwash Unit

7. Icon Backwash Unit

The Icon Backwash Unit is beautifully embroidered with a quilted pattern on the outside of the arms and is the perfect match with the popular Icon Styling Chair and Icon All-Purpose Chair. Designed with client comfort in mind, this backwash unit puts your client at the perfect angle for their head to lay comfortably in the bowl while providing extra lumbar support for their back. Icon shampoo backwash units feature a deep tilting porcelain shampoo bowl that is available in black or white and is outfitted with a dual-function nozzle, single-handle fixture, and a built-in vacuum breaker. This shampoo unit is extremely stylish and comfortable making it the perfect addition to any salon or spa. For design continuity, we also offer the matching Icon Styling Chair and Icon All-Purpose Chair that is a perfect match when any are paired together.

Buy-Rite Beauty Icon shampoo backwash unit

8. Luna Backwash Unit

The Luna Backwash Unit is great for anyone looking for a sleek, modern style to compliment their salon interior at a steal! Not only is the Luna stylish, but it is extremely sturdy, durable, and comfortable. The kick-out, lever-activated leg rest, tilting porcelain shampoo bowl, and extra-wide seat with high-density foam padding create a sumptuous experience for your clients, while the European-style single-handed faucet and durable chrome shampoo hose make services easier for the stylist.

Buy-Rite Beauty Luna Backwash Unit

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