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Buy-Rite Beauty offers an extensive collection of portable rolling salon stations that provide a convenient solution for stylists needing more storage and workspace as they move. A portable rolling salon station is a smaller version of a traditional styling station on wheels. It typically has storage drawers or cabinets and a small workspace on top. It may have additional features such as appliance holders and color trays. Portable rolling salon stations differ from utility carts and trays as they typically have a larger footprint with more storage capacity. We evaluated the entire collection based on important grading criteria to give you a list of our top-ranked picks.


With a rich history spanning 87 years, Buy-Rite Beauty has solidified its position as a leader in the salon furniture industry. Our expertise extends to unique stylist needs, where we offer comprehensive insights into crucial considerations for selecting the ideal option for your salon. As authorized representatives of major brands, we guarantee a diverse range that meets the evolving needs of modern salon owners.


■ Storage: We evaluated the storage capabilities—how much can the portable rolling station hold and organize?
■ Durability: We examined its resilience and longevity against use over time. What’s the warranty coverage period?
■ Aesthetic: We explored customization options to align with your desired look.
■ Affordability: We considered overall affordability – what is the investment required?
■ Assembly: We examined how easy the portable rolling station was to assemble.

Portable Styling Station #1

Why Stylists Love It: The Electra Metallic Styling Trolley is a bold statement piece that will add a touch of glamour to your space. It is made of metal and comes in two stunning colors: gold and silver. Since it is made of metal, it works perfectly with hot tools for a quick place to set them down. It has spacious drawers and heavy-duty casters to keep tools close.

Considerations: This portable station has a bold aesthetic that might not fit all salon designs. If you are looking for a more classic & traditional design, check out the Mia Portable Styling Station which can be customized to your salon with multiple color options.

Shopper’s Tip: This is the perfect station for those who are looking for an accent statement piece. Its metallic design and bold coloring give it a modern look that adds extra detail to any salon while keeping tools close by and organized. This aesthetic works well with modern designs and industrial designs.

Portable Styling Station #2

Why Stylists Love It: The Mia Portable Styling Station is the most versatile portable station in the collection with a great low price. It has a basic design and is equipped with a wide storage cabinet and drawer. The top has ample workspace and convenient appliance holders to protect the station from hot tools. It comes in multiple color options for design flexibility.

Considerations: This portable station is affordably priced and features a versatile, classic design that blends seamlessly into any setting, though it lacks some of the extra features like built-in electrical outlets found in other models in our collection.

Shopper’s Tip: This station is perfect for the stylist seeking a classically designed portable salon station featuring a large built-in cabinet, ideal for storing personal belongings or extra supplies.

Portable Styling Station #3

Why Stylists Love It: The Opal Portable Styling Station has a versatile design that allows it to be used as either a portable styling station or a storage utility cart. It features a locking door to store items overnight with no worry. It is made of durable wood and has four storage trays and chrome appliance holders for hot tools.

Considerations: This styling station features a sleek, all-black matte design that may not suit every salon’s aesthetic due to its limited design versatility. For those seeking a similar station with more design flair, consider exploring the VM Portable Styling Station available in over 38 color options.

Shopper’s Tip: This rolling station is ideal for any stylists in need of a mobile storage solution that offers security as it comes equipped with a locking pull-down garage door to safely secure supplies and tools as needed.

Portable Styling Station #4

Why Stylists Love It: The Aluma Deluxe Styling Trolley is made to do it all. It comes with multiple color trays, a slide-out appliance holder, a stainless steel workspace, and heavy-duty casters for an all-in-one workspace. This portable station has a unique industrial design for those who like rugged, exposed aesthetics.

Considerations: Some stylists may not prefer trolleys with open-access drawers, as they prioritize a more organized and clutter-free salon space. Closed drawer trolley designs like the Nico Portable Styling Station offer the advantage of securely storing supplies and tools, protecting them from dust maintaining cleanliness, catering to individual preferences and salon requirements.

Shopper’s Tip: This rolling salon station is tailor-made for busy stylists. With its adaptable design, it effortlessly accommodates appliance tools and provides quick access to supplies through its open drawers and bins. The stainless steel countertop adds a touch of durability, perfect for the fast-paced environment of a salon.

Portable Styling Station #5

Why Stylists Love It: The VM Portable Styling Station is equipped with gorgeous cabinets and drawers that are made in our Cabinet Shop in the USA with the finest materials. It offers lots of storage space with a modern design. Choose from 20 color options to fit your desired aesthetic in your salon or barbershop with ease. Additionally, it comes with an appliance arm to keep all your hot tools handy.

Considerations: Due to its size and weight, this station might not be ideal for those who prefer a lightweight, easily maneuverable rolling station in their workspace. Constructed from wood with a laminate finish, it is heavier than most rolling salon trolleys, making it better suited as a primary storage station rather than a lightweight supply cart.

Shopper’s Tip: Best suited for those who are looking to complement a stand-alone salon mirror. Its size, ample storage, hidden compartments for shears & dryers, and built-in appliance holders enable it to serve as your main, mobile station.

Portable Styling Station #6

Why Stylists Love It: The Collins E1003 Nico Portable Styling Station is a sleek option that has all the bells and whistles while keeping them concealed. It is equipped with a tip-out tool panel and a six-outlet power strip. The design of this portable station is very compact for a clean look. It is also available in over 50 color options with three color options for the drawer pulls for added design flexibility.

Considerations: This portable station is made with heavy-duty materials and has multiple features which makes it slightly pricier than other options. If you are in need of a station with convenient power access and top-quality durable materials, this is well worth the price.

Shopper’s Tip: This portable station is ideal for the stylist on the move who requires a rolling setup for maximum flexibility but desires to maintain organization with its built-in electrical outlet and tidy appliance drawer – pairs well with a full-length mirror.

Portable Styling Station #7

Why Stylists Love It: The Bali Portable Styling Station is design-focused with ample storage space. It features a two-tone design with 20 color combinations to choose from to fit any salon decor. It has a customizable side tool panel to store hot tools when not in use. This is the smaller version of the VM Portable Styling Station with a smaller footprint that saves space.

Considerations: Take into account the side-appliance arm of this station. While this model features a built-in appliance holder arm on the side, other rolling salon station models, such as the Nico Portable Styling Station, incorporate appliance holders within the station’s interior for a clutter-free appearance.

Shopper’s Tip: Featuring a compact footprint, shear drawer, built-in cabinet, appliance arm, and over 40 color options, this rolling station offers great value and design for stylists seeking a portable workstation with all the essentials. For the full look, shop the Bali Portable & Mirror station for a cohesive workstation look & feel.

Portable Styling Station #8

Why Stylists Love It: The Collins E1001 Finley Portable Styling Station has a streamlined design with many features to elevate the client experience. It is equipped with a stainless steel tool panel, a convenient power strip, a storage cabinet, and a full extension drawer. It comes in multiple color options to fit into any design aesthetic.

Considerations: This portable station has a unique and modern design that sets it apart from traditional portable stations. Ensure that this design is the right fit for your space.

Shopper’s Tip: Equipped with a power outlet conveniently built into the side, this rolling station is ideal for any stylist in need of instant power while on the move.


In summary, selecting the right portable rolling salon styling station is a significant decision that affects client comfort and salon efficiency. When choosing one, consider factors like durability, size, price, and design. Investing in high-quality portable stations that match the salon’s needs can improve the client experience and create a more ergonomic and efficient work environment for staff.

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