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Shampoo Bowls for Stylists' Comfort and Client Satisfaction

The right shampoo bowl can make all the difference in a salon's operations, delivering both aesthetic and practical benefits. While backwash units and shampoo chair combinations have their place, a standalone shampoo bowl offers flexibility in placement, design variety, and budget considerations. Many salon owners opt for these standalone units for the distinct advantage of customizability in their salon layout, and the ease with which they can integrate with various decors and settings.


Furthermore, standalone shampoo bowls present a cost-effective solution. They cater to businesses not wanting to commit to the space and investment needed for larger backwash units or combined setups, yet still demand quality and style. This gives salon owners the freedom to optimize space and budget while ensuring a premium experience for their clients.


Top Selling Shampoo Bowls


31505 Shampoo Bowl: A versatile and robust design suitable for most salon settings.
Bali Pedestal Shampoo Unit: Features a unique pedestal design for a contemporary look.
Pibbs 5350 Shampoo Bowl: Designed for efficiency and comfort, enhancing the client's experience.
Paris Pedestal Shampoo Unit: Elegance meets functionality with a sophisticated pedestal style.
Pibbs 5300 Porcelain Shampoo Bowl: Crafted from high-quality porcelain for long-lasting durability.
Pibbs 5310 Heart-Shaped Shampoo Bowl: Adds a touch of romance to any salon with its unique shape.
Collins CB19 ABS Shampoo Bowl: A popular choice known for its robust construction and design.
Collins CB23 Oversized Oval ABS Shampoo Bowl: Offers ample space, ensuring maximum comfort for clients.
Collins CB81 Wall-Mounted Porcelain Shampoo Bowl: A space-saving design without compromising on style or function.
Marble Products 10 Fiberglass Shampoo Bowl: Exudes elegance with its premium fiberglass construction.


What to Consider when Choosing a Shampoo Bowl


Material: Ensure you choose a material that suits your salon's needs and aesthetic.
Size and Shape: Consider the space available and the comfort of your clients.
Installation: Some bowls are easier to install than others, factor in plumbing and positioning.
Brand Reputation: Always opt for trusted brands known for durability and quality.
Maintenance: Some materials require more upkeep, choose one that aligns with your maintenance capabilities.
Price: Ensure it fits within your budget without compromising on quality.
Accessories: Ensure compatibility with faucets, hoses, and other essential accessories.
Warranty: Always check the warranty terms for your peace of mind.


Materials Used in Shampoo Bowls: From Cheapest to Most Expensive


ABS Acrylic: Affordable and durable, ABS is a common choice for many salons.
Acrylic: Lightweight and resistant to wear, offering good value for money.
Fiberglass: Sturdier than acrylic and offers a sleek look.
Cultured Marble: Adds an elegant touch to any salon but comes at a higher price point.
Porcelain: A premium choice known for its durability, timeless appeal, and easy maintenance.


Why Buy a Shampoo Bowl from Buy-Rite Beauty?


Reputable Manufacturer: As one of the most respected manufacturers of backwash units in the U.S., you're guaranteed quality.
Vast Selection: With a range of materials and designs, you'll find the perfect match for your salon.
Affordable Brands: We partner with affordable brands to offer the best quality without breaking the bank.
Complete Setup: Our bowls come with all the necessary hardware, making installation a breeze.
Customer Support: Our team is here to assist you at every step, ensuring a smooth purchase experience.
Client Satisfaction: With a focus on comfort and functionality, our products guarantee client satisfaction.


Need Help Choosing?


Our Salon Consultants are here to help! Whether you need design advice, product information, or help selecting the ideal shampoo bowl for your salon, give us a call. Dial 1-800-477-6655 now and let us assist you in building the salon of your dreams.

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