In Stock & Ready to Ship Styling Stations

Elevate your stylist’s workstations with Buy-Rite's In-Stock, & Ready-To-Ship Styling Stations. Choose from ready-to-ship options from industry-leading manufacturers that offer styling stations with built-in LED mirrors and ample storage space. Explore our wide range of in-stock styling station configurations from freestanding stations to vanity-style stations with mirrors plus many different design combinations to fit your desired aesthetic. Pair any of these stations with a wide selection of in-stock salon accessories that are sure to keep your shop organized, comfortable, and stylish. We know that efficiency is key in the beauty industry, so Buy-Rite's in-stock and ready-to-ship styling stations are the perfect solution when you have limited time. For more equipment that is ready to ship, check out our styling chairs, barber equipment, and shampoo equipment to complete your space.

Sales & Clearance Best Sellers

Explore our In Stock & Ready to Ship Styling Stations

In an industry where time and efficiency matter, Buy-Rite Beauty understands the need for prompt solutions without compromising on style. Our Quick Ship program ensures that salon professionals have access to top-notch, in-stock Styling Stations, ready to ship immediately. These selected pieces stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering the best, without the wait.

Best Selling Quick Ship Styling Stations

Omega 36 Vanity Styling Station & Mirror: A perfect blend of style and functionality.
Allegro Styling Station: Modern design meets optimal organization.
Allegro Double-Sided Styling Station: Double the functionality, double the impact.
Omega 36 White Vanity Station & Mirror: Elegant white finish for a sleek appearance.
Omega 36 Blue Vanity Station & Mirror: Add a splash of color to your salon space.
Madison 36 Walnut Vanity Styling Station & Mirror: Timeless walnut finish meets modern design.
Madison 42 Vanity Styling Station & Mirror: Extra space with unmatched style.
Miami Styling Station with Storage: Modern design with ample storage for tools and essentials.

Considerations when Choosing a Styling Station

Price: Investing in a styling station is crucial; choose one that provides value for money.
Quality: Opt for stations crafted with durability to withstand daily wear and tear.
Brand: Trusted brands often guarantee longevity and exceptional after-sales service.
Aesthetics: The station should complement the salon's theme and be visually appealing.
Functionality: Consider stations with optimal storage and workspace.
Size & Configuration: Ensure the station fits comfortably within your salon space and layout.
Mirror Options: Decide between integrated or separate mirrors based on your salon's design and functionality needs.

Why Choose Buy-Rite?

Extensive Range: We offer a diverse selection of styling stations to cater to all salon themes.
Trusted Brand: Our reputation in the industry is built on delivering quality and reliability.
Customer Support: Our dedicated team is always on hand to assist with queries and concerns.
Quick Ship Program: Fast shipping ensures you receive your product when you need it.
Quality Assurance: Each product is curated with the utmost care and precision.
Affordability: High-quality products that don't break the bank.

Need Help Choosing?

Our expert team is ready to assist in selecting the perfect styling station for your salon. Remember, when building your dream salon, Buy-Rite is the partner you can trust. For further inquiries, call us at 1-800-477-6655.

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