Styling Stations for Senior Living Facilities

Discover Buy-Rite Beauty’s collection of specially designed Styling Stations for Senior Living Facilities, where practicality, comfort, & accessibility meet elegance. These styling stations are designed to accommodate residents in assisted living with large mirrors and spacious workspaces. Choose from all-in-one wet stations with integrated shampoo bowls to wall-mounted, freestanding, or double-sided stations. If you are looking for additional lighting in your salon, opt for a station with an LED mirror that is dimmable to adjust to any specific client’s needs. Choose from an array of design and color customization options to create a stunning assisted living salon. We also offer Senior Living Facility styling chairs, shampoo equipment, manicure and pedicure equipment, barber equipment, and more. For personalized assistance, contact us, and let our team help you create a comfortable and stylish senior living salon.

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Elevate Style and Functionality with Senior Living Styling Stations

Discover the perfect balance of practicality and elegance with our Senior Living Styling Stations collection, specially designed for senior living, assisted living, and retirement homes. These styling stations provide an ideal solution to offer exceptional beauty services within your facility, meeting the durability and thoughtful design required to create an inviting and efficient salon environment prioritizing the well-being of senior residents.

Choose Buy-Rite Beauty for your senior living salon needs to invest in top-quality styling stations built to withstand heavy use while ensuring residents' comfort and satisfaction. With our deep industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, we serve as a reliable partner to help you establish a stylish and functional salon space.

Opt for Buy-Rite Beauty for your senior living salon's styling station needs due to our expertise, durable selection, reputable brands, customizable choices, responsive support, and expert guidance. For personalized assistance, call us at 1-800-477-6655, and let our team help you create a senior-friendly salon that exceeds residents' expectations.

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