Salon and Barber Wet Stations for Senior Living Facilities

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Wet Stations for Senior Living Facilities

Explore our collection of specialized Wet Stations designed for Salons in Senior Living Facilities. Our Wet Stations are tailored to serve the unique needs of senior residents, offering a convenient and comfortable salon experience within their living environment.  Senior Living facilities are embracing on-site salons to provide high-quality beauty solutions to their residents. Our Wet Stations are thoughtfully chosen to cater to special accommodations and withstand heavy usage, ensuring they meet the needs of senior clients while maintaining durability and accessibility.


The Buy-Rite Senior Living Salon Advantage


Choose BuyRite Beauty for your Senior Living Salon needs and enjoy expertise in understanding Senior Living Salon requirements, senior-friendly design that focuses on comfort and accessibility, and products built with durability to withstand heavy use and maintain performance over time.

Our diverse selection of Wet Stations allows you to match your salon's style and layout while ensuring user-friendly features for seniors with various mobility levels. Count on personalized support from our team to assist you in selecting the perfect Wet Stations for your Senior Living Salon.


Explore Our Top Selling Wet Stations for Senior Living


Collins E1051 Finley Wet Station - Combines style and comfort in a senior-friendly design.
Collins E1052P Aspen Wet Station with Metal Legs - Offers a balance of durability and aesthetics.
Collins E1053P Nico Wet Station with Metal Toe Kick - Modern wet station with senior accessibility features.
Collins E1063 Nico Wide Wet Station - Provides spaciousness and comfort for senior clients.
Collins E1062 Aspen Floating Wide Wet Station - Sleek choice with accessibility in mind.
Collins 3342-47 Cameo Wet Station - Practical storage and easy accessibility for seniors.
Collins 4421-42 Neo Erie Wet Booth Unit - Versatile and functional for senior living salons.
Collins 4423-60 Neo Ontario Wet Booth Unit - A blend of style and functionality for senior clients.
Collins 68A LaCarte Barber Station - Spacious and accessible for senior living settings.
Belvedere LTD Booth Unit - Practicality and accessibility for senior residents.


Choosing A Wet Station for Your Senior Living Salon


When shopping for a Wet Station, consider these features:

Durability: Choose stations designed to withstand heavy salon use.

Warranty: Look for generous warranty terms to ensure long-term performance.

Brand Reputation: Opt for reputable brands known for quality.

Color/Style: Match the station to your salon's aesthetics.

Accessibility: Ensure user-friendly features for seniors.

Storage: Ample storage space for products and tools.

Workspace: Sufficient area for salon services.

Comfort: Ergonomic design for both clients and stylists.


Why Buy From Buy-Rite Beauty?


Trusted Supplier: We have years of experience serving the beauty industry.

Senior-Focused: Our equipment is designed for senior living facilities.

Durability: Our products are built to last in high-use environments.

Expert Guidance: Our team can assist in choosing the right equipment.

Diverse Selection: Choose from a wide range of options.

Personalized Service: We prioritize your unique salon needs.


Need Help Choosing Equipment for Your Facility?


Contact us at 1-800-477-6655 for personalized recommendations and expert advice on selecting the perfect Wet Stations for your Senior Living Salon.

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