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The Ultimate Guide to Salon Trolley Carts & Rolling Trays

At Buy-Rite Beauty, we understand the significance of mobility and organization for hair stylists, barbers, and nail technicians. Our expansive range of salon carts and trays are handpicked, not just to meet the functional demands of a bustling salon, but to complement its aesthetic appeal as well. Dive into a collection that boasts diversity in color, size, and style, ensuring that every professional finds their perfect match. And as always, our promise is quality at an unbeatable price.


From sleek designs that radiate sophistication to sturdy builds meant for the busiest of days, our salon carts and trays cater to every professional need. Experience the seamless blend of design and functionality, empowering you to deliver impeccable service with every tool and product right where you need it.


Top 10 Salon Trolley Carts & Rolling Trays


3010 Salon Roller Cart: A robust roller cart designed for optimal mobility and organization.
Pibbs D29 Wood Top Utility Cart: Blend of wooden aesthetics with functional utility space.
Aluma Deluxe Styling Trolley: Crafted for style, space, and ease of movement.
Pibbs D25 Metal Roller Cart: Durable metal construction guarantees longevity.
Opal Portable Styling Station: Portability meets ample storage space.
Electra Metallic Portable Styling Trolley: Metallic design elevates salon aesthetics.
Helix Stainless Steel Tray: High-quality steel ensures durability and style.
Helix Gold Stainless Steel Tray: A touch of gold for that opulent feel.
Pibbs ART57 Metal Mayo Utility Tray: Designed for multitasking with added storage.
Pibbs ART58 Metal Mayo Utility Tray with Storage: Enhanced storage options with a solid build.


Choosing the Right Salon Trolley Cart or Rolling Tray


When investing in a salon cart or tray, consider the following aspects to ensure you make the best choice:


Size and Capacity: Ensure it's spacious enough for all your tools yet compact enough to navigate easily around the salon.
Material: Materials dictate durability. Stainless steel and quality wood finishes often last longer.
Portability: Opt for carts with smooth-rolling wheels for hassle-free movement.
Design: Aesthetics matter. Choose a design that complements your salon's interior.
Storage: Look for additional shelves or compartments for better organization.
Stability: Ensure it's stable to avoid any accidents with tools or products.
Maintenance: Easy-to-clean surfaces save time and ensure hygiene.


Why Buy From Buy-Rite?


Our longstanding commitment to the beauty industry is evident in:


Expertise: Decades in the industry means we know what works best for your salon.
Selection: Dive into an expansive range, curated just for you.
Quality: We promise products that stand the test of time.
Customer Service: Our team is always ready to assist, ensuring you make the right choices.
Fast Shipping: We ensure your products reach you in time, every time.


Need Help Choosing?


If you're unsure about which salon cart or tray best fits your needs, don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-477-6655. Let Buy-Rite assist you in building the salon, barber shop, or spa of your dreams.

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