In Stock & Ready to Ship Styling Chairs

Shop Buy-Rite Beauty’s collection of In-Stock, & Ready-To-Ship salon chairs for salon owners who want to skip the long shipping times. Our in-stock salon chairs are made with durable vinyl that is easy to clean throughout the busy day. These chairs come equipped with sturdy bases and a 2-year warranty on the hydraulic pump for added protection. Choose from popular colors and trending designs that are ready to ship. Browse through our other in-stock options such as barber equipment, styling stations, shampoo equipment, dryers and processors, skin care and spa equipment, and salon accessories.

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Quick Ship and In Stock Salon and Styling Chairs

Buy-Rite Beauty acknowledges the urgency in salon setup or renovation, introducing the Quick Ship program tailored for salon owners who can't afford to wait for custom orders. The program boasts a diverse selection of top-notch, in-stock Salon and Styling Chairs, prioritizing quality, comfort, and elegance for swift delivery. Best-sellers like the Luna Gold Styling Chair and Icon Styling Chair offer a blend of luxury and durability. Considerations when choosing a salon chair include price, quality, brand reputation, aesthetics, functionality, maintenance, and client comfort. Why choose BuyRite? They ensure quality assurance, provide a vast selection, represent reputable brands, offer excellent customer service, provide value for money, and boast industry expertise. For personalized assistance in choosing the best salon chair for your space, call 1-800-477-6655. Trust Buy-Rite to help build your dream salon with premium products and dedicated support.

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