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Salon Mirrors: LED Mirrors, Full Length Mirrors, Round Mirrors, & More!

A salon's atmosphere is often encapsulated by the reflections it casts. Salon mirrors, more than mere functional items, set the tone for the experience a customer can expect. Their grandeur, design, and placement are testaments to the salon's commitment to beauty and precision. With a myriad of designs, from those with ornate gold accents to innovative LED lighting, a salon mirror's choice can greatly influence a salon's aesthetic and functionality.


Buy-Rite Beauty understands the indispensable role of a well-selected salon mirror. Our collection, meticulously curated, is designed to cater to every stylist's vision – ensuring that every reflection is nothing short of perfection.


How to Choose Your Salon Mirror


Design & Aesthetics: A mirror's design should complement the overall theme and ambiance of the salon. A well-chosen design can enhance the overall aesthetic and attract more customers.
Size & Shape: Depending on the space available and the desired look, the size and shape of the mirror play a critical role in ensuring the functionality and beauty of the salon space.
LED Lighting: Mirrors with built-in LED lighting provide better visibility, ensuring that stylists can work with precision and clients get the perfect look.
Frame Material: The material of the mirror's frame can determine its durability and how it complements other furniture in the salon.
Storage Options: Mirrors with attached storage options offer added convenience, helping stylists organize their tools efficiently.
Customization Options: Having the option to customize color, design, and other features ensures that the mirror perfectly aligns with the salon's decor.


Why Buy Salon Mirrors from Buy-Rite Beauty


Quality: At Buy-Rite Beauty, we prioritize top-tier craftsmanship ensuring that every mirror stands the test of time.
Reputation: Our long-standing reputation in the industry stands as a testament to the trust and reliability we offer to our customers.
Selection: With our vast selection, salons can coordinate styles, ensuring a harmonious look throughout.
Expertise: Our team's in-depth knowledge helps guide you to the perfect choice tailored to your needs.
Customer Service: Our dedicated customer service ensures a smooth purchasing experience, addressing all queries and concerns.
Value: Providing the perfect blend of quality and affordability, our products offer unmatched value.


Top Selling Salon Mirrors


Pibbs 9880 Sola Gold 36" Round LED Salon Mirror: A statement piece with its gold finish and LED lighting, this mirror effortlessly blends functionality with style.
Pibbs 9550 Nova Gold LED Salon Mirror: Marrying modern design with a touch of gold, this LED salon mirror brings a luxurious charm to any setting.
Pibbs 9220 Lumina Gold LED Salon Mirror: Elegance meets function with this mirror, which boasts a captivating gold frame paired with brilliant LED lighting.
Pibbs LED Lumina Salon Mirror: Designed for the modern salon, this LED-lit mirror adds a sleek, contemporary touch to any stylist's station.
Pibbs 9440 Nova LED Salon Mirror: Illuminate your client's reflection with precision lighting, ensuring every style is showcased in its best light.
Pibbs 9770 Sola 36" Round LED Salon Mirror: A timeless round design enhanced with LED lighting, perfect for those looking for simplicity with a touch of sophistication.
Olivia Rectangle Salon Mirror Frame: An epitome of elegance, this rectangular mirror frame offers a refined look to any salon interior.
Pibbs 9990 Aurora Gold LED Salon Mirror: A union of gold accents and LED brilliance, this mirror is a perfect centerpiece for high-end salons.
Alexa Full Length Salon Mirror Frame: Offering a full-length view, this mirror ensures your clients see their style from head to toe.
HMD Wood Framed Mirror: Combining rustic charm with a touch of modernity, this wooden framed mirror provides a warm, welcoming aura to your salon.


Need Help Choosing?


Choosing the right mirror for your salon can be overwhelming. If you're uncertain or need expert advice, don't hesitate to give us a call at 18004776655. At Buy-Rite Beauty, we're here to help you realize your salon's full potential and make your dream salon a reality.

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