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Premier Shampoo Backwash Units: Elevate Your Salon Experience

Revitalize your salon experience with Buy-Rite Beauty’s premier shampoo backwash units, the hallmark of modern salon elegance. These units, combining exceptional design with unparalleled functionality, are designed to rejuvenate the salon's shampoo area, crafting an atmosphere of luxury and professionalism.


With the ever-evolving salon industry, having top-of-the-line equipment becomes a necessity. Buy-Rite Beauty, being a forerunner in this niche, offers an extensive collection of shampoo backwash units that not only meet the demands of a bustling salon environment but add a touch of sophistication and comfort.


What is a Backwash?


A backwash unit, often referred to as a shampoo bowl or chair unit, is an essential fixture in a professional salon. It allows clients to comfortably recline while their hair is washed, conditioned, or treated. The ergonomic design ensures that the stylist can work efficiently without causing discomfort to the client. This combination of a sink and chair is strategically designed to facilitate the washing process and enhance the overall salon experience.


Top Selling Backwash Units


Lexus Backwash Unit - Indulge in the luxury of Lexus, combining aesthetics with unmatched comfort.
Luna Gold Backwash Unit - Experience the golden standard of salon equipment with Luna Gold.
Luna Backwash Unit - Luna redefines sophistication, offering both style and utility.
Shelby Backwash Unit - Discover Shelby, the perfect blend of modern design and classic comfort.
Zara Backwash Unit - Introducing Zara, where elegance meets unparalleled functionality.
Chelsea Backwash Unit - Chelsea promises a blend of luxury and reliability, a must-have for contemporary salons.
Oasis Backwash Unit - Dive into the oasis of comfort and design, tailored for the modern salon.
Eclipse Backwash Unit - Eclipse shines in its minimalist design, promising comfort with every use.
Pibbs 5231 Luca Backwash Unit - Luca offers an excellent blend of comfort and elegance, ideal for modern salons.
Collins 2880 Nirvana Comfort Wash - Experience nirvana with this unit's top-notch design and comfort, setting a new standard for salon backwash units.


What to Consider when Choosing a Backwash for Your Salon


Space and Dimensions: Ensure the unit fits well within the allocated space without cramping the area.
Comfort: Prioritize units with ergonomic designs that cater to prolonged usage.
Material Quality: Opt for units made of durable materials that can withstand frequent use.
Design Aesthetics: Choose a design that complements the salon's interior and ambiance.
Brands and Warranty: Invest in reputable brands that offer reliable after-sales services and warranties.
Maintenance: Go for units that are easy to clean and maintain.
Price Point: Ensure that the unit offers good value for its price without compromising on quality.
Additional Features: Look for units with added functionalities like adjustable chairs, neck rests, etc.


Why Buy a Shampoo Backwash from Buy-Rite Beauty?


Buy-Rite Beauty stands tall as one of the most respected manufacturers of backwash units in the United States. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has propelled us to the top echelons of the salon equipment industry. When you choose Buy-Rite, you're not just purchasing a product, you're investing in a legacy of excellence, reliability, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Need Help Choosing?


If the plethora of options has left you pondering, fret not. Our seasoned Salon Consultants are at your service. Whether it's design intricacies, product queries, or assistance in cherry-picking the quintessential products for your salon, we've got you covered. Dial 1-800-477-6655 and embark on a journey to redefine your salon’s elegance.

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