Shampoo Chairs with Bowls

Discover Buy-Rite Beauty’s diverse range of salon shampoo backwash units, crafted for both client comfort and stylist efficiency. The adjustable tilting shampoo bowls in each hair wash station ensure a tailored comfortable experience for each client, along with features like leg-rest kick-outs and lumbar-support back cushions enhancing overall comfort. Stylists appreciate the deep molded shampoo bowls, maneuverable spray handles, and spacious workspace in each shampoo station. Personalize your shampoo station with customized options from American brands like Pibbs Industries and Collins Manufacturing, or explore the sophistication of Salon Ambiance's Italian craftsmanship. For a unique setup, explore stand-alone shampoo chairs, shampoo bowls, and shampoo pedestals with modern features. 

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Premier Shampoo Backwash Units: Elevate Your Salon Experience

Revitalize your salon with Buy-Rite Beauty’s premier shampoo backwash units, combining exceptional design with unparalleled functionality for a luxurious and professional atmosphere. As a forerunner in the salon equipment industry, Buy-Rite Beauty offers an extensive collection that meets the evolving demands of salons, adding sophistication and comfort. A backwash unit, essential in a professional salon, combines a sink and chair, ensuring clients can comfortably recline during hair treatments. Top-selling units include Lexus, Luna Gold, Luna, Shelby, Zara, Chelsea, Oasis, Eclipse, Pibbs 5231 Luca, and Collins 2880 Nirvana Comfort Wash. Considerations when choosing a backwash unit include space, comfort, material quality, design aesthetics, brands, maintenance, price point, and additional features. Buy-Rite Beauty is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, offering a legacy of excellence and reliability. Salon Consultants are available for personalized assistance at 1-800-477-6655.

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