Pibbs Salon & Styling Chairs

Explore Buy-Rite Beauty's collection of Pibbs Industries salon styling chairs, available in over 50 colors with customizable detailing like accent color piping and Italian-sourced vinyl. Choose from various stylist chairs, including reclining models ideal for waxing and threading services, along with hydraulic base options like star bases and flat circles. Pibbs, with its trusted legacy in the beauty industry, offers durable salon styling chairs crafted in the USA with up to a 3-year warranty on hydraulic pumps for added peace of mind. Mix and match bases and footrest designs to create a unique salon ambiance. Elevate your entire styling area by pairing these Pibbs chairs with any mirror, chair mat, or salon station cabinet. For more chair styles & models, be sure to shop our entire collection of salon & barber chairs to find the perfect fit for your shop.

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Discover Pibbs Industries Salon and Stylist Chairs

Immerse your salon in elegance and comfort with Pibbs Industries chairs, celebrated for their exceptional quality, customizable options, and outstanding warranty. As a distinguished partner of Pibbs Industries, Buy-Rite Beauty presents an extensive selection of chairs that seamlessly blend style and functionality. With Pibbs' esteemed reputation and Buy-Rite Beauty's commitment to excellence, transform your salon into a haven of style and luxury. Pibbs Industries, founded by the Petruccelli family in the 1950s, began as hairstylists, evolving into an innovative beauty equipment manufacturer in 1964. Over 70 years, their international success has solidified their legacy as a leader in salon and spa equipment. Their partnership with Buy-Rite Beauty showcases a commitment to providing top-tier products for beauty professionals worldwide. Explore featured Pibbs chairs like Claire, Cosmo, Luca, Madrid, and more, each combining modern design with ergonomic comfort. Choose Pibbs for its stellar reputation, extensive selection, customization options, exceptional warranty, innovative design, and Buy-Rite partnership. Selecting the right chair involves considerations like design, comfort, durability, client experience, maintenance, customization, chair height, and functionality. For assistance in choosing the perfect Pibbs Industries salon chairs for your dream salon, contact us at 1-800-477-6655, and trust Buy-Rite Beauty as your partner in building the salon of your vision.

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