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Welcome to the world of Collins Reception Furniture and Retail Fixtures, where style meets functionality to create a lasting first impression for your salon. With a rich history of supporting salons and delivering top-quality furnishings, Collins Manufacturing is your trusted partner in crafting elegant and functional reception areas and retail displays. Explore premium solutions that set the tone for your salon's unique identity and create an inviting atmosphere for clients.


History of Excellence


Collins Manufacturing's commitment to quality and American manufacturing extends to their range of Reception Furniture and Retail Fixtures. With a reputation for delivering top-notch salon furniture, Collins is known for their dedication to craftsmanship and luxury. Make a statement with Collins, a name that signifies unparalleled quality and sophistication.


Featured Collins Reception Furniture & Retail Fixtures


Discover some of the standout pieces from Collins:


Collins E1161 Finley Reception Desk - Create a warm welcome with this elegant reception desk.
Collins E1163 Aspen Appointment Desk - Blend functionality and style with this appointment desk.
Collins E1165 36" Nico Concierge Desk - Set a sophisticated tone with this stylish concierge desk.
Collins E1165P 36" Nico Concierge Desk - Add a touch of luxury with this concierge desk featuring a metal toe kick.
Collins E1172 Nico Stacked Retail Display - Showcase your retail products in style.
Collins 932 Amati Retail Display Unit - Highlight products with this sleek and functional display unit.
Collins 4419 Neo Retail Display Unit - Make a statement with this modern retail display.
Collins QSE 1980 Lanai Reception Chair - Provide comfort and style to your waiting area.
Collins 6825 Nouveau Reception Chair - Enhance your reception area with this chic chair.
Collins 7125 Ashton Reception Chair - Create a welcoming atmosphere with this elegant chair.


Why Choose Collins Reception Furniture & Retail Fixtures?


Elevate your salon's ambiance and client experience:


Luxury & Elegance: Set a sophisticated tone with Collins furnishings.
American Craftsmanship: Support American manufacturing and quality.
Functional Beauty: Balance style with practicality in your reception area.


Choosing the Perfect Reception Furniture & Retail Fixtures


Ensure a perfect selection with these considerations:


Design & Aesthetics: Choose pieces that reflect your salon's identity.
Functionality: Opt for functional pieces that enhance client experience.
Quality Materials: Select furniture made from premium materials.
Customization: Highlight the availability of custom colors and finishes.
Retail Displays: Opt for fixtures that effectively showcase products.
Comfort: Choose reception chairs that provide comfort to clients.


Need Help Choosing?


Creating an inviting reception area and retail space is essential for leaving a lasting impression. For personalized guidance and more information, reach out to us at 1-800-477-6655.Experience the blend of elegance and functionality with Collins Manufacturing and Buy-Rite Beauty.

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