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The Petruccelli family, originally hairstylists in the 1950s, envisioned creating innovative and useful beauty equipment for stylists. After establishing Pibbs Industries in 1964, their business thrived, evolving into a family of companies, including "Petruccelli International Beauty and Barber Supply" and "Petruccelli Beauty Depot." Today, Pibbs Industries, based in Flushing, New York, stands as a leading global manufacturer of salon and spa equipment. With a history spanning 70 years, Buy-Rite Beauty places trust in the quality and care invested in Pibbs equipment, recognizing its role in making great first impressions in salons and spas worldwide. Explore the complete line of Pibbs salon equipment available at Buy-Rite Beauty, featuring categories like chairs, stations, pedicure and manicure equipment, shampoo area essentials, barber equipment, dryers, steamers, processors, reception furniture, utility carts, and stools.

Pibbs Industries' commitment to innovation and functionality is evident in their salon chairs, offering both comfort and style. Salon stations are designed for efficient workspace organization, while pedicure and manicure equipment provide luxury for clients. The shampoo area equipment ensures a relaxing experience, and barber equipment blends classic style with modern functionality. Pibbs' advanced dryers, steamers, and processors enhance hair treatments, and reception area furniture creates lasting first impressions. Utility carts and stools contribute to streamlined salon operations. Choose Pibbs for your salon to benefit from their innovative design, over 70 years of industry experience, a wide range of comprehensive products, quality craftsmanship, a trusted reputation worldwide, enhanced client satisfaction, and a successful partnership with Buy-Rite Beauty. If you still have questions or need assistance, contact us at 1-800-477-6655 for more information on selecting the perfect Pibbs equipment for your salon.

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